5 Tips To Boost Two-Way Brand Conversations On Social Media

Social media is a great platform for brands to engage with consumers is a “human” way. With the amount of content floating around on social media, brands need to start creating two-way conversations with their consumers to grab their attention and engage them. Additionally, two-way conversations are a brilliant way to deal with social media disasters and personalise consumers’ online brand experiences. But if you’re new, young brand, this may be an especially daunting task. So, here are 5 tips to help you get started.

1. Get on the right social platform(s)

Find out where your target consumers are and spend your time and resources on those platforms. If you’re a small business that sells hand-printed tote bags, you’re much more likely to achieve a higher rate of success on Instagram than on Linkedin. On the contrary, a B2B business should focus its efforts on Linkedin and Facebook, rather than on Pinterest or Instagram.

2. Start actively listening to what people are talking about on social media

Everyone is always talking on social media. You need to start identifying those conversations that are most relevant to your brand and the products and/or services. Identifying relevant hashtags and creating engaging content specific to your audience will help you encourage two-way conversations between your brand and its consumers. Actively listening on social media will also help you address negative comments on social media in a timely manner, contributing to a stronger brand image.

3. Post diverse, engaging content

If you only post pictures of your products and wonder why you’re not getting the attention you deserve, it’s probably because your content offers no real value to your audience. By continuously posting the same kind of content you run the risk of losing a big chunk of your audience. Create a range of content types from image and video to infographics and blog posts with content that your target audience would find helpful and/or entertaining.

4. Get your customers to participate

The essence of social media is to share and engage with others. This is great for brands as it allows consumers to easily contribute to brand conversations by sharing photos and experiences on social media. Ask customers to review your products on social media or hold contests that encourage customers to share their experience on social media. This is a great was to start brand conversations and increase brand awareness.

5. Consider influencer marketing

With the increasing number of people using Ad Blocking software, traditional ads are not as effective as the used to be. Social media has given brands the ability to easily utilise influencer marketing (a luxury that was once only available to big brands with big budgets) and choose to work with influencers who suit their requirements and resources. Influencer marketing is an excellent way to encourage two-way conversations as it embraces the concept of inbound marketing, as influencers already have build relationships with their fans.

I’m a user researcher & product designer with a multidisciplinary visual arts background and 5 years working in e-commerce & SaaS.